The SUV Waiting Game and Overcoming Delays and the On Money Menace

2024-03-05 by drive360

The chip scarcity issue caused delays in the automotive sector, but the market recovered quickly as manufacturers found a solution. Customers swarmed to showrooms, and both sales and wait times for four-wheelers reached record highs.

Due to manufacturers' inability to keep up with demand when it comes to some popular models, waiting times continue to grow. Additionally, there are no supply allotments for imports.

Dealerships are taking advantage of this situation by prioritising rapid delivery of the model of your choosing over negotiating a price. From "customer is king" to "take it or leave it," the mentality has changed. This is typical and not exclusive to dealerships for any one manufacturer.

The waiting times indicated to buyers are ludicrous, yet anxious buyers can choose from ready goods that "another person just happened to cancel." Naturally, the price of the aforementioned car has increased due to the accessories, paint protection kits, and other additions that the aforementioned customer installed. Of course, you have the option to decline, but it will only put another consumer ahead of you on the waiting list.

This is still partially acceptable because you are receiving some tangibles in exchange for the premium and the early delivery, but showrooms are now inundated with the idea of paying a "on" or "outright premium" to skip the queue.

Although it may constitute extortion, there is a financial benefit to be obtained as long as customers are prepared to trust these agents and pay the additional amount. Regular price increases are also made by manufacturers due to strong demand and increased input costs. As pricing are determined at the time of delivery, paying a premium to skip the wait also protects you against the increased cost you'd otherwise have to pay.

Would you be willing to pay more to receive your preferred model earlier than usual or would you prefer to wait and discourage this practise?

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